As an Advertising Agency,
Our Creativity Rings with
Truth and Authenticity.

There’s nothing more valuable you can bring to a client than the simple power of truth. Truth in what you know; truth in what you do – especially in marketing & advertising. Clear, deliberate and skillful direction on making your dollars work harder and smarter. This is the pledge we make to you. No guessing. No posturing. No bull.

We offer genuine solutions at Berwald Creative and have for over 20 years. We continue evolving – learning and growing – to ensure we perform at our best. From single projects to massive programs, the mission is always the same: plan, reach, connect & compel. Through Print, Web, Direct Mail, Broadcast, Social Media and more – mixing, matching and merging it all to achieve the greatest results. This is the magic of marketing today... knowing how to manage the mix.

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The Bristal Assisted Living

Since 2003, part of our authentic approach to the work we’ve done for this Assisted Living giant is utilize its resident population in our photography – a breakthrough quickly copied by competitors. From initially marketing three communities, we are now helping The Bristal launch its eighth member community.

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Our empathetic messages are targeted to the adult decision-making child and deal with the real-life solutions that face these challenged families each day. We started in print, but as the communications industry evolved, so did our work, eventually introducing Internet and social media tactics to reach out to the market more personally. Today, the work is truly diverse, touching our prospects through multiple media: advertising, direct mail, e-blasts, social networking – and we’re helping The Bristal become an industry voice by launching a new blog and a broadcast campaign.

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Lester's Family Clothier

There is no better example of how we’ve leveraged social networking than the work we’ve done for this New York high-fashion retailer – a family business that has helped shape fashion for countless New York families.

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What began as essentially a newsprint ad campaign over 7 years ago has evolved today into an online marketing machine, reaching and influencing a captive audience of loyal twenty-somethings, fashion-forward teens, tweens and younger. It’s a whole other feel and energy. Interactive emailing and couponing steadily moved into comprehensive Facebook campaigns that today attract up to 30-50 active fans each night. Between eblasts and contests and invites and coupons, we create more than a-million-and-a-half impressions each year. Information is conveyed, offers are presented and traffic is brought into stores – all backed by solid, measurable, quantifiable results that are validated by online reporting and confirmed by boosts at retail. This is yet another brick-and-mortar client that Berwald Creative helped get online. And today we are poised to assist them in launching an integrated ecommerce operation.

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The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

From product launches to annual catalogs to point-of-sale merchandising solutions at retail, we’ve helped The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company not only address the consumer with honesty and clarity, but also educate distributors and sales representatives for Scotts retailers nationwide.

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After conducting research on their behalf, we found that gardening staffs at retail centers across the country – both large and small – were unclear themselves about how to position the company’s many brands, and accurately express vital sales details regarding product application, features and benefits. We proposed a restructuring of their annual catalog to make it less of a showcase sales piece and more of a true teaching tool – an innovative day-to-day sales-support vehicle. We designed it and laid it out so that nurserymen could use it along with the consumer right at point-of-sale. Scotts not only adopted the breakthrough format, but also employed it for several years. Additional work included expanding existing and trusted brands into entirely new product categories.

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Country Carpet

Working together across a span of nearly a decade, we’ve helped this high-end carpet retailer develop a whole new visual vocabulary. We established a lifestyle-based image campaign that highlights the beauty and grace of these products; we upgraded their advertising from sale- to style-based messaging; we helped consolidate an oversaturated sales schedule into four blockbuster power sale events whose results can be measured at retail; and we launched a significant presence on the Web.

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In the process, we refreshed this retailer’s well-known logo, brand and image. Then, strategically, we’ve helped them realize the value of diversifying and targeting their message to the three major components of their overall market: residential, commercial and direct-to-designers. By helping Country Carpet see these three audiences as independent but related channels of business, we were freed up to speak to the authentic needs of each targeted prospect – and make more meaningful connections. We are about to launch a major brochure that addresses the needs of their commercial customers.

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The Engel Burman Group

For nearly 10 years, we’ve helped this major east coast developer cement its corporate brand and roll out its many development projects as independent brand entities beneath a strong corporate umbrella. A substantive corporate brochure enables them to make the impact they need to attract investors, secure financing and convey trust.

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Their portfolio is expansive, and continues to grow each year, and the challenge has been to make each property appear independent but connected. We achieve this by ascribing to each brand its own authentic personality. Whether it’s a 55-and-over active lifestyle development, a long-term facility, an Assisted Living community or a high-rise beachside condo housing multi-million dollar homes – the impression is exclusive world-class quality, through and through.

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Woodbury Common

Since the early nineties, we’ve helped this client not just fine-tune its style and lifestyle message but, indeed, create its own true and unique voice. This property has many different retailers as tenants – some being national retail anchors and others regional chains & boutiques – and over the years we’ve assisted the owners of Woodbury Common to market on behalf of those tenants, driving traffic to their stores.

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Advertising has been the mainstay of work for this client. We’ve had to compete with retailers managing much larger budgets, bigger ads and national acclaim, but we’ve continually explored and executed ways to bring to market a message that is fresh and appealing. We back these efforts with a striking biannual look-book that reaches past and future shoppers at home.

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A direct reflection of our commitment to being true and authentic in this business is the work we do for our Not-For-Profit clients. Most of this work is performed at a special philanthropic rate when it is not altogether a pro bono contribution. This imperative goes straight to the heart of being a good corporate citizen and giving back to the publics we serve.

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But it is also much more. As fellow artists and like-minded creative professionals, we personally relate to the work these courageous organizations do. The League of American Theaters and Producers, for example, The Huntington Arts Council, The Cinema Arts Center and others – these are institutions that capture our imagination and speak intrinsically to who we are as individuals. On the charitable side, groups like Farms for City Kids, the Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education, Sands Point Preserve, Splashes of Hope and The Association for the Blind enable us to make tangible and lasting contributions to our valued communities. Not-For-Profit work has been a conscious priority for us since the first day we opened our doors.